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Join my free healing list and start receiving divine white light. A treatment feels like a wonderful white light that flows through and around you. Energy healings will bring your body, emotions, mind, and spirit in Balance. Feelings of tranquility and inner peace is often reported. Finding and understanding the sentimental sources that are causing physical pain, usually leads to complete pain removal. Bringing balance to your life enhances focus, well-being, and happiness.

I do send healing every night, and I also do a meditation for attracting abundance as well as sending energy to make each’s manifestations come to fruition. In this list, I add people, animal companions, businesses and even ideas to receive this white light. Everybody is welcome to join this list for free! Individuals who need healing for whatever reason, who needs to bring changes, improvements, grow into their lives and who has the desires to step up in their life, business, health, love, etc. You are all Welcome!

Just fill up the form below, and I will be honored to add you to my healing list. I do not share my healing list with anybody, so you can have peace of mind that your privacy is well kept!

If you find it in your heart, I have added here a couple “donate” buttons 🙂 I will appreciate it a lot!

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En Español:
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