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Some prefer to just send a payment, email to email, through PayPal, simple. If this is you, just send me the amount directly at:

Here it is the price list:


  • Little: $6,95 (5,95€)
  • Medium: $35 (30€)
  • Large: $70 (60€)
  • Skype/Whatsapp $220 (200€)


  • Healing List $0 (0€) ~ Thanks a lot if you want to donate!
  • Basic Healing $5,95 (4,95€)
  • Complete Healing $22,95 (19,95€)

And if you want to give me a tip, just send me what you want. Thanks a million!

After that, please send me through the contact form how can I help you!

And if you have any issues, please use this form below:

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En Español:
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