Other Healings


A treatment feels like a wonderful white light that flows through and around you. Energy healings will bring your body, emotions, mind and spirit in Balance. Feelings of tranquility and inner peace are often reported.

Reiki Healing can be used in many ways. I am not big on limiting myself to different modalities, but combining them all. However, I will focus mainly around Reiki Energy if you specifically want to ordering a conventional Reiki healing session below. If you prefer to go to the most profound options, you can check out the healing and experience deep healing for the same price (on the basic session) than these options.

Remember, you can use the healing also for your furry friends and even for your home. But you can find below more specific sessions here.











If you have any questions about other healing modalities or other type of healing concern, please contact me and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Love & Light.

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