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Meaning of a home clearing.


A Home clearing removes negative energies. Home clearings harmonize the energies in your home and allow for negative energies to drain out of your home and into the plane where they belong.


The importance of home clearings.


When we move into a new home we clean it vigorously to remove dirt and debris left over from past residents. It is very important to clean the energy field in our home. Negative emotional dirt and debris left over from previous residents can cause tension and unhappiness in our homes. When we do “spring cleaning” in our residence, we should also think about cleaning it metaphysically to eliminate our own built-up negative emotional energies that have accumulated. This makes a big difference.


Think of your current living space. Is there a certain room you avoid going into? Or that you don’t feel comfortable spending time in? You are probably feeling negative emotional energy, or even an unfriendly spirit. Although you may not be able to see negative emotional energy, you do live with it! Along with the purchase or the move-in of your home, you start to deal with the previous residents’ negative emotional energies. We are all living in left-over energy fields from past and present occupants. You may be living in a sea of harmful emotional energies. Why live with it any longer? Clear it out for good!


Negative emotional energy built-up over the years in our kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and anywhere else in our homes can aggravate mood swings, depression, substance abuse, domestic violence, and sleep disorders, to name a few. Your body, aura, and spirit will become weakened by the daily immersion in the negativity. Since negative entities feed on and are attracted to negative emotional energy, your home becomes a magnet for negative energy.


What does a distant home clearing involve?

This is a distance home blessing. I will send energy to your home and remove unneeded energy. I do offer extras if you want to focus specifically on one or + areas of your home, otherwise, the entire room will receive this blessing without specific focus on a certain room or energy. I will also give some advice in what to do to keep the energy at the highest state possible.. I will share a brief mp3 file stating how did it go.

Ideally, a photo of the inside your home will help, but I understand that homes are very private so you can make a photo of the house/building instead. I do NOT need your address. If you still cannot provide a photo, I will send the energy to your Higher Self and your Higher Self will channel the Energy in your home. Just let me know you prefer this way.


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Blessings and Light for you and your family.

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