Any healing you need, THE HEALING will cover it. THE HEALING is a complete form of channeling pure white light, no labels, just healing. Everybody can benefit with this healing, and this is why you are taken here. You can order THE HEALING for:

  • You.
  • Your family/friends.
  • Your furry companions.
  • Your home/office/car.
  • A relationship, a problem to solve.
  • To anything you need!

You might wonder, what type of healing this is or how long it lasts? All healing comes from the Light. This is what you will receive.

Let’s drop all the labels for once! They only complicate things.

Time is meaningless, especially for healing. You get what you need. As I feel guided, I will work on any areas that need healing. Set your intentions. I will work on that plus on whatever is needed.

So don’t complicate yourself just order The Healing. No complications, just healing.


You have two options:

  • basic healing session. I will send healing to your intentions for this session as well as a wellness and balancing session (physical, mental and spiritual.) There will be a voice report delivered within 12-24 hours. I will share how did the session go as well as any possible advice.
  • complete healing session. Which is pretty much everything a primary healing has plus a deeper chakra cleansing, empowerment, and protection. Healing to past lives and unnecessary energetic cords will be removed. Protection with White Light will also seal the entire session at the end. Also, a voice recorded file is included and typically sent within 24 hours sharing the details of how the session went.

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If you prefer, you may send payment directly to:

– Basic Healing: $5.95

–  Complete Healing: $22.95

Once you book, you can email me directly. You have four additional payment options below.


Which one?


Which one?


You will see it is one reading, as Etsy does not allow healings. Just book it as a reading and let me know it is for

 fiverr  book-at-fiverr

If you haven’t done so, you can send me your needs through here:

Blessings and Light for you and your family.


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