Chakra Reading


I will connect energetically which each of your 7 main chakras and give you a reading on status of each of them, such as if they are open/closed/blocked. I will also give you the reasons of the status of each of your Chakras, as well as giving you an energetic overview. Normally, when needed, I also share exercises to follow in order to keep a healthy chakra system.

You will be able to find extra service such as healing, balancing or empowering sessions that will allow you to keep your Chakras at their best at all times. It is very important to know that the energetic level of our Chakras will influence directly on both our life itself as well as our physical body. A happy Chakra is a happy body! Keep that in mind.

In the booking page, you will know how to order for the chakra reading. For more detailed insight, I will connect to more or one of these sources:
– Akashic Records.
– Tarot Cards and other divination tools.
– Spirit Guides.
– Higher Self.
– Energy such chakras, aura, soul, etc.
– Any other information that comes from the Light for your highest good.

Any question about your energy and chakras, can be answered through your Energy!


Clicking below, you will be able to book this reading. You will be directed to The Reading as all these readings will be ordered through there. This will benefit the quality and information in your reading.

Blessings and Light for you and your family.

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En Español:
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