Dream Interpretation


Many times, our subconscious communicates with us through our dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are sometimes very symbolic and hard to understand, even for the dreamer. I am a lucid dreamer and I am used to the dream symbolism. I am a working Psychic Medium and I combine my Psychic gift with dream interpretation. I will connect with your Higher-self and spirit guides to interpret your dream. You will me amazed with what your subconscious has to say.

I do not use dream dictionaries nor similar stuff, just my intuition, so you cannot find my way to interpret dreams anywhere else.


Since dreams can be very powerful, it is important to go beyond than just an interpretation.

For more detailed insight, I will connect to more or one of these sources:
– Akashic Records.
– Tarot Cards and other divination tools.
– Spirit Guides.
– Higher Self.
– Energy such chakras, aura, soul, etc.
– Any other information that comes from the Light for your highest good.

Any question about your own existence, can be answered through your Akashic Records!


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Blessings and Light for you and your family.


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