Love Compatibility


I will provide an unique and different way to check if you and someone else are compatible. I will not be using computer-generated astrology charts, numerology or other common ways. I only use my empathy and psychic intuition! I am able to access people’s true personality, karmic issues and their energy through photos. I do not need your date of birth nor names, just one photo of each of you. I will provide you the strengths and weaknesses of a possible romantic relationship, possible karma that might get on the way and if something needs to be worked on for this relationship to happen.


This reading is great for a love relationship, but it works great for friendship, co-workers, roommates and even with your boss! Sometimes a small karmic bump can ruin a whole relationship or sometimes the relationship might not happen at all. I can help you saving you time and a possible broken heart! Please, do understand that I do not sugarcoat my readings, If you only want good news this reading is not for you, because if bad news come up, I will share them.


For more detailed insight, I will connect to more or one of these sources:
– Akashic Records.
– Tarot Cards and other divination tools.
– Spirit Guides.
– Higher Self.
– Energy such chakras, aura, soul, etc.
– Any other information that comes from the Light for your highest good.

Any question about your own existence, can be answered through your Akashic Records!


Clicking below, you will be able to book this reading. You will be directed to The Reading as all these readings will be ordered through there. This will benefit the quality and information in your reading.

Blessings and Light for you and your family.


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