Past Lifes


Sometimes we have a lot of wisdom unlocked within us and through the awareness of one or more past life, it can be brought up. Past Lifes readings can also be very healing because you can understand phobias/traumas/karmic problems and find out the reasons of “why” and “how” and heal from them.


Please note. This is a Past Life reading and even though I will try to relate it with your current life for your Soul growth and development, it might have nothing to do with your current life.


Also, if you are expecting me to say that you were a Deity, that you were Queen of Britain or William Shakespeare, this reading is not for you, as it is extremely unlikely for this to be the case.


The purpose of this reading is to know more about your past self, and possibly, gain wisdom from it.

For more detailed insight, I will connect to more or one of these sources:
– Akashic Records.
– Tarot Cards and other divination tools.
– Spirit Guides.
– Higher Self.
– Energy such chakras, aura, soul, etc.
– Any other information that comes from the Light for your highest good.

Any question about your own existence, can be answered through your Akashic Records!


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Blessings and Light for you and your family.


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