You are looking for guidance. With so many labels out there, nowadays it can be a challenge to even know what type of reading will suit you well. If you look online, you can find countless types of readings! Even here you found several types of reading. However, if you checked those out and decided to book a reading, you arrived here, you The Reading. This is not another label or type of reading. It is more like all the types of readings at the same time. All you need are answers and these can be found within your Soul in your Akashic Records. However, it will be beneficial to also receive guidance from your spirit guides as well as other sentient beings of light. Accessing your energy is also very good in readings, as well as accessing to many other sources of energy.

All readings are done in voice recorded files and will be sent to you to through a private folder.

In all my readings I access to all sources of light at the same time to get the most information possible. This way, it does not matter what type of reading you order, you will receive complete guidance every single time, accessing any source of light with useful information for your highest good.

Some of these are:

  • The Akashic Records.
  • Your Spirit Guides.
  • Your Higher Self.
  • Your Energy (chakras, aura, energy-channels, etc.)
  • Your subconscious.
  • Loved ones in Spirit.
  • In some readings (especially larger ones) I may use other divination tools such as:
    • Tarot
    • Runes
    • Angel Cards.
  • Past Life / Karmic Energy.
  • Other sources (shadow side, ego, blocks, etc.)

The information comes in the most pure and balanced form when you just channel, without setting limitation to one source of Light. This is why you will find these readings will help you to steer your life’s path into the direction that serves your highest purpose!


A few clarifying notes:

  • If you want a Chakra Reading you can choose the basic tier (unless you want more time.)
  • For a Month Forecast you can must the middle tier.
  • For a 12 Months Forecast you can must the large tier.
  • If you prefer a Skype/Whatsapp Reading please email me first, then choose the Skype option to book. Skype readings are 30-45 minutes long.
  • Little reading is 2-4 minutes.
  • Middle reading is 10-15 minutes (free healing session included.)
  • Large reading is about 30 minutes (free complete healing session included.)
  • Skype/Whatsapp reading is 30-45 minutes done through Skype or Whatsapp.


I follow my intuition and I allow myself to be guided by Spirit. Please, do be aware that I do not sugar-coat my readings and you will get only and all the truth. If you just seek to receive what you want to listen, you should be aware that you will get what Spirit shares despite being good or bad news.

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– Basic Reading: $6.95

– Middle Reading: $35.00

– Large Reading: $70

– Skype/Whatsapp Reading: $222

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Which one?

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Many blessings and abundance for your family.

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