Payment Cancelled – If there was an error, let me know!

Payment Cancelled
Payment Cancelled: Did something go wrong?

Payment Cancelled: Did you have any problems with the transaction? Let me know; sometimes, technology can fail! You will find below a form that you can fill out and tell me what problem you had.

Sometimes it may just be a meaningless issue!

If your payment is cancelled, it does not mean it has no solution.

Hence, if the cancelled payment was by accident, let me know. Please be sure to send me a clear message with an appropriate email address (be sure to double-check), so I can contact you as soon as possible and offer the best help you can. However, I ask you to consider the time when sending your message and, therefore, bear in mind that I can not give you everything you ask of me. And please, be sure to explain to me what error came up for your payment to be canceled. If the “payment cancelled” reason is that you have changed your mind, there is no problem at all!

Between 12-36 hours, you will already have news from me. If you have not already done so, you can send me your message right now, no worries about the cancelled messages:

The payment is cancelled.

An error like that is not a problem; therefore, it can happen! But, I’d love to know exactly what happened if the payment cancelled due to a glitch or bug! (This is how I can fix it.)

Meanwhile, I invite you to visit the blog, since you may find the answer to many of your questions (this page has a search engine to make it easier for you.) Although it’s a cancelled payment, you’ve already contacted me; you have to wait. A more pleasant wait after contacting me. I’ll give you a few links that you might enjoy:

These are a few, but as you begin to read an entry, you will find others that interest you. But you can undoubtedly contact me if you need it!

Love & Light,

(Payment Cancelled) Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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