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THE READING: Precise, no labels, no sugarcoating, only clear guidance.

The Reading: Authentic without labels.






Accurate Spiritual Readings: No labels, only clarity. LGBTQ+ Friendly.

You are looking for guidance. (For those who know the drill, therefore, click to jump to booking options.) With so many labels out there, nowadays, it can be a challenge even to know what type of reading will suit you well. If you look online, you can find many kinds of readings! Even here, you found various types of reading. However, if you checked those out and decided to book a reading, you arrived here, you The Reading. I intend to label this reading. It is more like all the kinds of readings at the same time.

All you need are answers; you can find this within your Soul in your Akashic Records. However, it will be beneficial to also receive guidance from your spirit guides as well as other sentient beings of light. Accessing your energy is also very good in readings, as well as access to multiple sources of energy.

If you are more of a video person, you can check it right here, then, keep reading!

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Do you want a past life reading? Need a love reading? Do you want to know your guides? The Reading will help you!

You can read more about this at this entry in my blog.

Ultimately, you must check out the privacy policy and terms and conditions clicking here.

In all my readings, I access all sources of light at the same time to get the most information possible. This way, it does not matter what type of reading you order; you will receive complete guidance every single time, accessing any source of light with useful information for your highest good.

A spiritual reading is to receive guidance, assistance, and predictions… and this is what you will find here. Fernando connects with several sources of light in all his reading for more clarity:

The information comes in the purest and stable form when you just channel, without setting limits to one source of Light. You will find these readings will help you to steer your life’s path into the direction that serves your highest purpose! I will access almost all of these in all readings, as needed. The information will arrive in the purest state since I always connect with all sources at once. Therefore, there will never be information that is lost, but there will be even more information and much more clarity. I have been reading this way for years, and people are delighted.

Some questions you could ask:

  • Who are my guides? Therefore, do they have messages?
  • What is my soul origin? What is my purpose? Significant past lifes until today?
  • What is my connection with Xxxx person, hence the potentials?
  • What outcomes to expect if I take this promotion? How is my business doing/will do?
  • Relationship advises from spirit (love, friends, work, family, etc.) hence learning the right steps.
  • Karma, life teachings that you might wonder, furthermore, learning.
  • Chakras and Energy un undeniably a better feeling.
  • Open Readings. Basically, allow spirit to talk,

Some questions you should avoid asking:

  • Lottery: Spirit does not provide this information.
  • Death: Death cannot be predicted.
  • What does Xxxx think of me? Does Xxxx see Yyyyy?: Privacy.
  • And generally asking something from another person without their permission, especially something that this person wouldn’t want you to know: Privacy.

A few clarifying notes:

  • If you want a Chakra Reading, you can purchase the “small” option. Furthermore, you can go for larger options if you desire more time and healing.
  • For a Month Forecast, you can grab the middle tier, therefore, there will plenty of time.
  • For a 12 Months Forecast, you must choose the “large” or “extra-large” tier.
  • If you prefer a Skype/Whatsapp Reading, please email me first. Once I get back to you, then you can come here and choose the Skype option to book. Skype readings are 35-40 minutes long.

The reading will be clear and honest:

And how does this reading work? (You can check here what others experienced.) Let me share:

  • You can ask one or more questions, virtually anything (but that does not break the privacy of third parties.)
  • The reading has a particular duration depending on whether it is small, medium, or large.
  • The reading will be sent between 0 and 48 hours through a voice file. The sooner, the better.
  • All light sources will be accessed as necessary to obtain as much information as possible.
  • Some healing will be included.
  • You might receive additional exercises and advice in addition to reading.
  • It is all included in five options:
    • Little: $19.95 (17.95 €): Generally, around 5 minutes (voice recorded) with an aura cleanse and protection. (0-48 hours wait.):
    • Medium: $59.95 (54,95 €): Generally, around 15 minutes (voice recorded) with free healing session included. (0-48 hours wait.)
    • Large: $119.95 (104,95 €): Generally, around 30 minutes (voice recorded) with free complete healing session included. (0-72 hours wait.)
    • Extra Large: $179.95 (159.95 €): Generally, around 45 minutes (voice recorded) with free complete healing and past life healing session included. (0-72 hours wait.)
    • One Hour: $239.95 (159.95 €): Generally, around 45 minutes (voice recorded) with free complete healing and past life healing session included. (0-72 hours wait.)
    • Live: $324.95 (299.95 €): Generally, around 30-40 minutes done through Zoom. (By appointment first, waiting time differs from a few days to a couple of weeks. )

Please, keep in mind:

I follow my intuition, and I allow myself to be guided by Spirit. Please, do be aware that I do not sugarcoat my readings, and you will get only and all the truth. If you seek to receive what you want to listen to, you should be aware that you will get what Spirit shares despite being good or bad news.

In all payment options, you can pay with credit or debit card, even in the PayPal option (you will see the option if you access PayPal). These are the options available, and they all have the same price:


You accept this when you buy one of my services:

I will connect with the Spiritual World, hence using my psychic abilities I will give you information. The readings and videos received are only for receiving guidance, hence the connection with spirit. What you decide to do with the managed information, including the actions you take, will be your personal decision and your responsibility. Furthermore, all these readings should not be taken as legal, medical, financial, psychological, or business advice as it will be based on your interpretation and judgment. Hence, for legal reasons, I must inform myself that all these readings are for entertainment purposes. My services do not replace professional services such as those doctors, lawyers, etc.

And if you haven’t, here you can send me your questions:

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    Love & Light,

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    Rev. Fernando Albert

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