Welcome to Soul Guidance & Meditations with Fernando Albert.


Welcome to Soul Guidance and Meditations.

It is a tremendous pleasure that you are reading my first blog entry. Welcome to Soul Guidance!  I am delighted you came here.

I bet you already know me, but if you don’t, I am Fernando Albert, and you can read more about me at: ABOUT ME.

The purpose of this blog is to share with all of you a massive amount of ideas, experiences… anyway, the goal is to create a community where everybody can learn from each other and have a great time. I have many things in my head, and I believe a blog is the best way to be able to share my thoughts with the world. My passion is to provide guidance through readings as well as bringing wellness through energy healings.

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I hope you have a life of abundance and passion.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Many blessings!

thank you

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